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Climate Change

Why you can't just introduce your favourite animals anywhere!

Publication date: 27-06-2024, Duration: 6:13

Our planet's biodiversity and ecosystems are under threat. Climate change puts pressiure on many species as their living environments become unsuitable. In this video, Dr. Ir. Thomas Groen explains how Species Distribution Modelling (SDM) provides crucial insights for species survival and habitat suitability.

SDM aids in conservation policy-making and even helps estimate which habitats may become suitable in the future due to climate change. As such, SDM allows for climate adaptive nature conservation and transplantation of species. But can we just transplant these species to seemingly suitable locations? Dr. Ir. Thomas Groen confronts us with the harsh reality of the risks associated with the transplantation of species. Learn what can you do to properly interpret SDM outcomes and find out what Dr. Ir. Thomas Groen considers top-priority species for SDM!

Climate Change
Last edited: 27-06-2024

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