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Partnerships in Geoversity

Geoversity aims to be the premier platform for geospatial expertise, fostering connections, and empowering a global community through lifelong learning and development. This is an ambition far beyond being just another online learning platform and can only be realized by uniting global geospatial expertise and experts. ITC, the Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth observation of the University of Twente takes pride in its global network of partners that is shaped through decades of collaboration in research, education, and capacity development. Geoversity will strengthen these partnerships and will expand this network by establishing new collaborations and partnerships.

Types of Geoversity Partnerships

We envision diverse types and levels of partnerships to enrich the content and community of Geoversity. Partners can contribute by (co)-creating learning materials or dissemination content, or by being an active part of the community and engaging with the users and network. More specifically we are focusing on establishing three types of partnerships and agreements:

1. Collaboration Partners

A collaboration partner is an organization that contributes to creating and disseminating content through Geoversity. Collaboration partners are key in assuring the growth and success of Geoversity in the coming years.

Some examples and opportunities for collaboration partners include:

Community Partners

Becoming a community partner allows an organization and its members to have access to the material and free courses on Geoversity but also gives them the opportunity to participate in collective activities with the community of users, stakeholders, and providers.

Some examples of added value in establishing community partnerships include:


In addition to partners, we are also establishing cooperations and agreements with providers. The providers can be involved by:

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