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Privacy Statement

How Geoversity handles your personal details

Geoversity makes every effort to protect your privacy. In this privacy statement, we will explain how we handle your personal details. We process personal details in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This statement applies to information that is collected and used in computerized systems within the Geoversity project, including our websites. This statement does not apply to websites that mention Geoversity, but whose content we are unable to influence directly. 

Collecting your personal details

Geoversity collects personal details if this is necessary to provide services, distribute information, or grant access. The information that we collect is always intended for a specific purpose; in other words, we do not collect more information than is necessary for that purpose.

Personal details are provided by the data subject on the basis of consent, which can be withdrawn at any time.

Processing personal data

Within Geoversity, the following personal data is processed:


(Categories of) personal data

(Categories of) data subjects

Purpose of data processing

Legal basis

Retention period

First Name

Platform user

to address the user


Cleared on cancellation, yearly reminder on inactivation

Last Name

Platform user

to address the user


Cleared on cancellation, yearly reminder on inactivation

Email address

Platform user

to contact the user


Cleared on cancellation, yearly reminder on inactivation

Interests (selection of topics)

Platform user

to be able to show the user content that fit interests and personalise communication for which the user opted in


Can be changed any time, no history is being kept, is being cleared at cancellation/ inactivation


Platform user

The data we collect can be used for analytics as well as for statistical and scientific research. Preferably we use anonymized data for this. We always act in accordance with the legal requirements.

Geoversity uses various tools to make it more user-friendly and to ensure that it functions optimally. This includes measuring surfing behaviour using web statistics and other systems that are integrated to collect active feedback from users or to conduct research with various versions of Geoversity.

Geoversity uses analysis tools to analyse the reading and clicking behaviour for newsletters in order to analyse and improve our newsletters. Linking this information to your personal details enables us to send you more relevant email communications or interest-related information.

Contact by email

We roughly distinguish two types of automated email: transactional email that you have initiated/requested yourself, and recruiting email. Transactional email is an essential part of a service that you have chosen, such as resetting a password or confirming an application or a request for information. You therefore cannot unsubscribe for this type of email.

If you have consented to receiving recruiting emails such as newsletters or invitations to events, you may withdraw your consent. This type of email has opt-out options which apply to Geoversity only. We can't check consent given to partners or UT websites and we can't take responsibility for their communication.


Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer, tablet, mobile telephone or other equipment when you visit our websites. There are various types of cookies. We always place functional cookies that ensure that our websites work properly. We inform you beforehand of how you can turn off any other cookies we may place (such as tracking cookies). If you continue to surf on our websites, these cookies will be installed. The data that we receive from these cookies enable us to send or show you special offers and advertisements that are relevant to you. Read more about this in our cookie policy.

Protection of your personal details


Geoversity attaches great importance to protecting your privacy and takes appropriate measures in order to do so. We take organizational and technical measures to ensure that it is safe for you to visit our websites. We use the available resources to minimize the risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to your personal details or unlawful use or disclosure of your details.


The information that Geoversity collects about you cannot be accessed by everyone. Only employees and persons working for Geoversity have access to information and then only if they need it in order to do their job. These persons are authorized to access information using name and password security. All staff with such access are bound by a confidentiality clause on the grounds of the Collective Labour Agreement for Universities in the Netherlands.


Geoversity processes your personal data, but as a data subject, you have several rights to keep control over your personal data. You will find more information on these rights below. In case you have any questions or you wish to exercise these rights, please contact:  privacy@geoversity.io

In certain circumstances, you have the right to object to processing.


We may change the privacy statement if there are new developments in our working practice or if there are changes in the relevant laws or legal precedents. Therefore check it occasionally to see if anything has changed.

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