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UAVs in Precision Agriculture

Are you interested in UAVs and their use in modern precision agriculture? Then this course is just right for you!

40 hours to complete
Online course
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This course was designed by UAV remote sensing specialists to cover all the basics that you need to conduct your own UAV missions and analyze the data to support farm decisions and conduct agricultural research.

Join our comprehensive course to explore the full spectrum of precision agriculture using UAV data. Starting with the fundamentals of UAV mission planning and map creation, we'll guide you through leveraging maps for valuable insights into crops, fields, and farmland.

Explore the vast potential of UAV data in precision agriculture as we delve into diverse applications. Master the art of estimating bare soil in fields, crafting vegetation masks, and estimating crop biomass and yield. Immerse yourself in the realms of optimizing plant health, ensuring precise fertilizer distribution, and detecting crop water use and water stress for more efficient irrigation.

If you're looking for a thorough introduction to UAV deployment and data analysis or aiming to harness UAV data for smarter agricultural practices, this course is tailored just for you!

Course content

Learning outcomes

Is this course for you?

  • Target Audience

    • Students, Professionals (farmers, agriculturalists), UAV pilots and enthusiasts, spatial data analysts.
    • Anyone interested in UAVs and precision agriculture. 
    • Agriculturalists and farmers seeking to implement data driven agriculture. 
    • Students who will work with UAVs and data analysis for their Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis. 
    • Researchers and scientists who are looking to explore the use of UAV remote sensing in agricultural environments. 
    • Data analysts who want to better understand UAV data. 
    • Everyone who is interested in UAVs but just didn't find a good practical course to learn UAV application along real live problems. 
  • Knowledge prerequisites

    An active interest in UAVs and precise agriculture

  • Any other prerequisites

    • Basic English skills
    • Access to a computer, preferably with Windows 10 or 11; MacOS and Linux are also compatible.
    • A reliable internet connection is required due to the large download size of example data.
    • Course emphasis is on the utilization of free and open-source software; for proprietary software, limited free licenses will be available during the course.


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